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17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

Saturday, November 07, 2015
Silas Theatre
7:00 pm

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By Carlos Aguilar | SydneysBuzz | Indiewire |September 27, 2015 |Exerpt
Constructed of fantastic animated shorts showcasing a wide range of techniques within the medium’s spectrum, plus four documentary portraits on selected filmmakers, this feature-length festival of wonder overflows with sublime craftsmanship, but it’s also one of the most profound cinematic experiences of the year.
The level of introspection and insight on the human condition contained in these colorful gems surpasses that of most films, animated or live-action, released in recent memory. What they might lack in running time individually, they make up in poignant observations and moments that will stir up a genuine smile.
Potent creativity often comes in small concentrated doses and when you collect a couple dozen of these morsels, powerfully laced with astute ingenuity, you get an overwhelmingly delightful sample platter with some of the most diverse flavors out there unified by their topnotch quality. That’s the best way to describe what you get when watching the visual and tonal tapestry of the Animation Show of Shows. Now in its 17th edition, this program created originally to be screened at Hollywood studios with the purpose of highlighting the best artists working in the independent animation landscape and curated by Ron Diamond, Executive Producer of Acme Filmworks, Inc. and co-founder and President of Animation World Network, will come to theaters across the U.S. for the first time to allow audience to partake in the fun and discovery.
Run time: 99 minutes
Not rated: Ages for 16+
This event is free and open to the public.  Each attendee must register by clicking here to receive their own confirmation. Please print or display on your smart phone and bring your confirmation to the screening. Seating is limited, so reserve early and please cancel on line using the link in your confirmation email, as there will be a waiting list. You are advised to arrive a half hour early to be seating, though programs will be oversold by 10% to allow for no shows, seating is not guaranteed once capacity is reached.
DVD’s of past Animation Show of Shows shorts will be offered for sale and credit cards will be accepted at select screenings. See clips from over 200 films including Academy Award® winners and nominees and other great animations at
For any questions or problems registering for this event, contact Ron Diamond at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there!