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2018 MFA Computer Arts Thesis Presentations

Tuesday, May 01, 2018 -
Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Event hosted by: MFA Computer Arts

MFA Computer Arts will host the MFA Computer Arts 2018 Thesis Presentations. The event will be held over two days at the SVA Theatre and will include short talks and videos of graduating students’ work. The Tuesday evening presentations will highlight fine art and motion graphics thesis projects. Wednesday night will feature 3D animation.
The presentations showcase our graduates’ unique approaches to the themes and modes of creative self-expression. Forty thesis projects incorporate a variety of media, materials and cutting-edge technologies that address a range of topics, including: CALA is a 3D animated short that asks viewers to re-examine superficial approaches to happiness and self-worth through self- reflection by Dengwei Liu, Improvisation, is an audio-visual kinetic installation that addresses the relationship and boundary between physical reality and perceptual illusion by Yihui Jiao, and Joe and Emma, a 3D animated musical about young love, by Ran Huo.
The presenting artists made use of programming languages, interactive installations, as well as traditional art production methods to realize their creations. Linear video works include single and multi-channel installations exploring both narrative and abstract expression through 3D animation, motion graphics, and traditional animation. Department chair Terrence Masson comments that, “We place a strong emphasis on personal exploration while also encouraging the students to push their own boundaries and embrace early experiments as a critical part of the iterative process.”