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A Midsummer Night's Film Fiesta

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Beatrice Theatre
7:30 pm

Event hosted by: Loose Moon Productions

Loose Moon Productions presents a screening of two short films….
In 1964, in an Italian Restaurant, two of the 20th Century’s most distinguished artists, Buster Keaton & Samuel Beckett discuss FILM.
This commemorative, “immersive” film in black and white based on Don Nigro’s play takes us back to the shooting of Irish literary lion Samuel Beckett’s one and only film in July of 1964, fifty years ago this year. The odd, now iconic, FILM, the premise of which was based on the philosophic principle of George Lloyd Berkeley that “to be is to be perceived (“esse est percipi”). FILM featured silent … See More
A look at a young woman’s odd behavior after her affair with a married man ends.
Refusing to be taken for granted, Charity robs her married lover’s penthouse apartment with the help of her drug dealer friend Troy. As Troy exits Charity chooses to stay behind to confront her lover. In turn she is cruelly discarded and left to fend for herself on the streets.