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A Snapshot in Hip Hop featuring Angel Ibanez

Monday, October 02, 2023 6:30 pm

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Get ready for an epic discussion of Hip Hop as we bring you “A Snap Shot in Hip Hop featuring Angel Ibanez” and Hip Hop Legends.

As we continue to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary, the DEI Office will be hosting a conversation with SVA’s Angel Ibanez (Sketch Artist and Photographer). Angel was hired to take photos of a famous multi-day video shoot of Whodini’s song, “Funky Beat.” This video shoot featured a number of famous Hip Hop legends, R&B Artists, and Directors. One of these photos was developed into one of SVA’s iconic subway poster, which is currently being displayed throughout the city.

Please join us for a panel discussion that discusses what happened on that day, discuss the narrative behind select photos, and discuss the significance of having so many famous people coming together for this historical week in Hip Hop.

Regan Sommer McCoy, Chief Curator of the Mixtape Museum

Guest Panelists:
Angel Ibanez, Print Media Specialist
The Rapper Jalil: From Hip Hop Group, Whodini
Paradise Gray: Chief Curator of Universal Hip Hop Museum, X Clan, Latin Quarters

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