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Animated Spirits Film Festival

Thursday, April 09, 2015
Beatrice Theatre
7:00 pm

Event hosted by: Balassi Institute

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Free and open to the public.  RSVP by clicking this link or the ticket icon above.
Followed by a Q&A with Amid Amidi animation journalist and film historian, publisher of Cartoon Brew.
Program curated by Anna Ida Orosz, (lecturer, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, co-founder and curator, PrimanimaShort Film Festival, Budapest), animation historian.
The inaugural edition of Animated Spirits brings some of the most exciting animation from Europe across the Atlantic to New York. Artists from 14 countries of the European Union showcase the spirit of experimentation at the Austrian Cultural Forum and the School of Visual Arts on April 8 and 9, followed by discussions of the program and the transatlantic state of animation with two gurus of the genre (Tom Brown, UK and Amid Amidi, US). Emphasizing the new, the exciting and the unconventional, but finding the space to reflect on the continuing potential of the traditional techniques as well, Animated Spirits is the first chance of NYC audiences and professionals to encounter, in a carefully curated form, the cream of the crop of European animation.
The first screening will be followed by a reception and networking event on the premises of the Austrian Cultural Forum.
Powered by Balassi Institute, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC and with the participation of 8 European national cultural institutes. A European National Institutes of Culture , New York City Cluster event.
The selection “Hit the Road!” focuses on the subject matters of (not) being and (not) feeling at home, featuring again a great range of characters such as a bunch of immigrant animals from Russia in the Brussels Zoo(Natasha), an introvert boy daydreaming at school (Absent Minded), a man who has to face his inner fears (Bears on the Road), a young guy from Berlin suffering from insomnia (Roadtrip), and many more.