SVA Theatre


Fictionless Panel: Storytelling as a Producer

Monday, March 14, 2016 6:30 pm

Event hosted by: Center for Communication

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Producer​s​ ​wear a lot of hats. ​They know how to ​choose winning ​projects, put together the right​ creative team for each project; and ​coord​inate ​all phases of production from idea to distribution. Meet Fictionless: a production company focused on storytelling across multiple platforms​. They’ve worked with some of the best, including​ MTV, NYLON, and Vogue. Here’s the opportunity to learn how to be a ​producer and the ​skills needed to make it happen​.
Shruti Ganguly, Producer/Director, Fictionless
Ross Kaufman, Creative Director, Fictionless
Raeshem Njihon, Executive Producer, Fictionless