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How to Report the News that Matters

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 7:00 pm

Event hosted by: Center for Communication

Event hosted by: SVA Theatre

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Center for Communication presents….
Through the power of journalism, ”‹great ”‹reporters share stories on the people, events and ideas that raise our awareness of the most important issues facing our society. Hear from ”‹some of the best ”‹journalists ”‹working today, who tell it like it is from the front lines of politics, national security, natural disasters, ”‹racial injustice ”‹and humanitarian crises.
Ed Pilkington, Chief Reporter, Guardian US
Janet Reitman, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone
Chuck Reece, Editor in Chief, The Bitter Southerner
Moderator: Andrew Heyward, Visiting Scholar, Laboratory for Social Machines, MIT Media Lab
Free for students/faculty from any school.  $10 for public admission.  Tickets available by clicking here.