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MFA DSI Thesis Showcase 2022

Monday, May 09, 2022 1:00 pm

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Please note: Proof of a COVID booster is required to attend this event.  Please click here for our current COVID protocols.

The DSI community is excited to invite you to the 2022 Thesis Showcase! We’re back for a memorable in-person event on Monday, May 9th from 1-4PM EST at the SVA Theatre. It’s sure to be an amazing celebration of our resilient graduating cohort’s hard work and dedication to making change within their communities and the world.

MFA DSI invites you to join  this year’s projects around sustainable coffee culture (Kehan Zhang), reducing plastics via the use of biomaterials (Ruike Pan), intersectional community-centered design practices for healing (Jenny Lin), storytelling with second-generation Asian immigrants (Neil Jia), empowering women and gender nonconforming folks to have agency in their health and wellness (Dori Jacobson), centering youth as decision makers in creating joyful schools and learning spaces (Mickey Ferrera), and creating an intergenerational healing collective for South Asian-American immigrant women (Zahra Bukhari).


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