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New York Premiere of "A Polite Bribe"

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Beatrice Theatre
6:30 pm

Event hosted by: Nexus Film Project

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Thirty years after the death of Christ, the future of the Christian church teetered on faulty ground. Two factions, the Apostle Paul’s Gentile Churches and the Judean Church lead by Jesus’ own brother James” Both groups had clearly emerged with very different visions for the mission, and were headed toward a final showdown ”” A mutually destructive fracture that would have ended the Church in its infancy, if not for one man.
Now for the first time, learn how one man’s vision kept the early Christian movement together. How one man, defied the very followers of Jesus himself” and in the end left his homeland to conquer an Empire. Learn the story the church would never tell.
Independent Filmmaker & Director Robert Orlando, SVA alumnus and Dusty Award winner, returns to School of Visual Arts for the NY premiere of his groundbreaking documentary, “A Polite Bribe.”
6:30PM Introductory talk about the Apostle Paul with world renowned New Testament scholar Gerd Luedemann, appearing in the film and coined the phase “A Polite Bribe”.
8:10PM Screening A Polite Bribe: runtime 82 minutes
9:30PM A Post-screening Q & A with Director, Robert Orlando, and panel discussion.
Join us for an evening of entertainment and ” polite discussion” about one of Western History’s most influential, but least known figures, the Apostle Paul, and the long journey of a filmmaker to tell his story.