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The 20th Animation Show of Shows

Monday, October 15, 2018 7:00 pm

Event hosted by: School of Visual Arts

Event hosted by: Animation Show of Shows

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“An exceptional program that starts off strong and only gets better as it goes, the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows overflows with charm while containing more provocative observations about the nature of existence than most prestige feature films do.” — John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter 
THE 20th ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS will be presented for free to students and faculty of colleges in the New York City area.  Proper ID is required.
Please note that each person must register for their own ticket reservation with a unique email address, ticketing and seating is on a first come first served basis.
RSVP here.
Not rated: All ages 6+, contains mature themes and images some may find disturbing that appear in the program.
THE ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, founded and curated by Ron Diamond, has been presenting new and innovative short films to animation studios, societies, schools and festivals around the world. Over the years, 36 of the films showcased in the Show of Shows went on to receive Academy Award® nominations, with 10 films winning the Oscar®.