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The Project Class Presents: Films From the Eighth Hour

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Beatrice Theatre
6:00 pm

Event hosted by: SVA's BFA Design department

Featuring eight short films from The Project Class, an undergraduate honors course in BFA Design, taught by Bob Giraldi, chair of MPS Live Action Short Film.
Free and open to the public.  No reservations required.
A reception will precede the films at 6PM.  The screening will begin at 7PM.
Projects include:
As The Crow Flies, by Anthony Zukofsky. After the funeral for his grandfather in the cold winter of a quiet fishing town, a curious boy discovers an untold secret that reveals a dark, mysterious side to the grandfather he thought he knew.
Cotton Candy, by Janet Yeh. A woman confronts a long repressed memory of the day her mother gave her away forever.
The Devil In The Doorway, by Chase Tarca about a young journalism student who uncovers a deep, dark secret when he investigates his family’s history to win a prestigious scholarship.
From Adam, by Bayard Morse. A man desperate for a new lease on life convinces a beautiful woman who has lost her memory that she is his wife.
Half-Finished, by Jocelyn Tsaih about a blocked artist who struggles to finish his latest piece by confronting fantasies and hallucinations of success.
Oh, Brother, by Rhonny Tufino about identical twin brothers who take an interest in the same woman.
Zasha, by Jasmin Valcourt about a bright, introspective African American teen who struggles with forgiveness after her family is torn apart by her mother.
Bright Shadow, by Sang Hyun Yoo about a hardcore fan’s unconditional, immature, and distorted love that brings destruction to the life of her idol.